Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby Girl - Week 24

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How Far Along:  24 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yup. In fact, I just got some more shirts! Yay for being clothed!

Best Moment This Week: Probably the best thing about this week is getting to 24 weeks. Week 24 is a big week in that by now she has all her vital organs and her lungs are developing. In the medical world, she could likely survive on her own outside of the womb. Also, it is now illegal to perform an abortion - not that that was ever an option for us – but medically speaking, it’s officially off the table, even for the doctors. So, getting to week 24 is big, and I love/can’t believe that we’re 6 months along!

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Lots. I mainly feel her in the mornings and the late evenings before I go to bed. She’s started kicking more, too – just waiting for it to be a bit more consistent.

Size and Development: She’s the length of a cantaloupe or an ear of corn – almost a whole foot! Her skin is becoming more opaque and pinkish, and she’s weighing over a pound now.

Food Cravings: Sweets – not intensely, but I have wanted them more lately.

What I Miss: Working out at a normal pace. I can still swim and go on my elliptical, but sometimes when I go for a walk, I get cramps. My doctor said my ligaments are just still stretching and adjusting, but I still find it weird that it pretty much only happens when I go for a walk.

Sleep: Still really good – hoping it lasts for a long time!

What I am looking forward to: Feeling more kicks. It’s happening more often, but I can’t wait until it’s more consistent and other people can feel her kick.

Symptoms: The eye twitching has stopped – at least for now. However, my belly keeps growing. I really feel like I popped more this week – definitely more of a bump. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baby Girl - Week 23

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How Far Along: 23 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yup.

Best Moment This Week: Getting baby girl clothes from my mom and sisters. They spoiled our little girl with some super cute stuff! Also, I got to feel her kick on the outside of my belly.

Gender: Girl.

Movement: Lots of movement. I felt her kick on the outside of my belly, which was super cool. Unfortunately, every time I tried to put Chris’ hand on my belly to feel her, she stopped kicking. Silly girl. 

Size and Development: This week, she’s the size of a grapefruit. Her ears are developing and her face and eyes are forming. She can also hear my voice, heartbeat, and loud sounds.

Food Cravings: Still love Mexican food and condiments. Nothing really new.

What I Miss: I’ve still been really comfortable and sleeping well, so I guess I just mainly miss my old clothes.

Sleep: Still sleeping well, although I’ve now started sleeping with a pillow between my knees for support.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little girl. I can’t wait to see what she looks like and get to know her personality. I just had the realization the other day that she will probably look just like one of us, which is weird to think that there could be a mini me running around in a few short months. :D

Symptoms: My occasional twitching eye. Also, I’m starting to feel more tired lately. I think I’m still recovering from camp and from the constant going that I’ve done since then. But I also think I’m just starting to feel a bit more fatigued. Nothing major, just could use a nap.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Girl - Week 22

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  22 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely. Even wearing regular clothes with my belly band is getting a bit hard.

Best Moment This Week: I was at camp and talking on the phone with Chris, and I told him, “Our daughter is being really active this week.” It was so cool to get to say “our daughter” and talk about her together.

Gender: Girl 

Movement: Still moving around, but haven’t felt anything on the outside yet. I’m so ready for Chris to be able to feel her.

Size and Development: She’s the size of a papaya. Her eyes and lips are more developed and she looks more like a newborn baby – just much smaller.

Food Cravings: Spicy and condiments – still loving me some Mexican food.

What I Miss: I really missed caffeine this last week while I was at camp. :D Also, I missed being able to participate in some of the games at camp. I wanted to play with the students so bad, but I just cheered from the sidelines.

Sleep: Still sleeping well.

What I am looking forward to: Feeling her kicks from the outside and having Chris get to feel her.

Symptoms: Feeling really good. In fact, I told a friend that I would almost forget I was pregnant if it weren’t for the constant trips to the bathroom. 

Baby Girl - Week 21

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  21 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yup – I think it’s time to go buy some dresses so I don’t have to wear things with a waistline as often.

Best Moment This Week: Feeling her move more and more – it allows me to connect with her and it’s like she’s just saying hi to me and reminding me that she’s in there.

Gender: Girl – getting more excited every week to meet our daughter
Movement: Still can’t feel her on the outside, but lots of movements on the inside.

Size and Development: Little girl is the size of a pomegranate. Her digestive system is preparing for life outside of the womb, and she’s producing meconium – basically her first bowel movement.

Food Cravings: I like spicy things – like jalapeƱos on my sandwiches and nachos. I also am still loving those condiments – and don’t forget a huge glass of water with lots of ice!

What I Miss: Feeling really good, so I mainly just miss caffeine and fitting into my old clothes.

Sleep: Still sleeping really well – hoping this lasts for as long as possible!

What I am looking forward to: Going to camp this week – our baby’s first time at camp. :D

Symptoms: Growing belly and more movement.

Baby Girl - Week 20

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  20 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much every day now.

Best Moment This Week: Finding out we’re having a girl, and telling family. Then we revealed it to our friends at my birthday/gender reveal party!!!

Gender: GIRL!!!

Movement: Some little movements.

Size and Development: She’s the size of a banana. She has working taste buds and she’s drinking amniotic fluid now.

Food Cravings: Since my birthday was last week, I didn’t eat very well. The last couple of days, I’ve really wanted healthy food like salad and fruits and vegetables – and soup. Yesterday was cool and rainy, so I got to have soup. I’ve been wanting soup for the last couple of weeks, but it’s just been too hot.

What I Miss: Not anything major – mainly just fitting into my old clothes.

Sleep: Still really good.

What I am looking forward to: Picking her name. Although we’ve decided to keep it a secret, I’m excited to start calling her by her name when we’re at home.

Symptoms: Growing belly and some movement. Also, last week the bottom of my left eye started twitching. It doesn't happen all the time, just off and on, but it's one of those weird symptoms that people don't tell you about when they share their own preggo symptoms. :D

Baby Snider - Week 19

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  19 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yup.

Best Moment This Week: Feeling her move and finding out she’s a her!!!

Gender: IT’S A GIRL!!!!

Movement: I felt her move for the first time last week and even more this week.

Size and Development: Baby girl is the size of a mango. She has a protective coating on her skin now.

Food Cravings: Nothing really specific – although I’m still loving my condiments. :D

What I Miss: Caffeine. It was a busy and long week, and I would have LOVED some regular espresso.

Sleep: I’m still sleeping really well.

What I am looking forward to: We’re having a birthday/gender reveal party this weekend and we’re telling all of our friends that we’re having a girl. I’m making cake pops with white outside and pink cake on the inside. :D

Symptoms: A little bit of movement. 

Baby Snider - Week 18

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  18 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely.

Best Moment This Week: Spending 4th of July with friends and realizing I’m going to have a 7 month old next 4th of July!!!

Gender: Unknown – ONE MORE WEEK!

Movement: Not yet.

Size and Development: Little baby is a sweet potato. Baby is yawning, hiccupping, sucking, and swallowing.

Food Cravings: Ice cold water – actually, any drink that is supposed to be cold, I want to be REALLY cold. Still loving condiments and Mexican food – I craved Taco Bell for dinner the other night.

What I Miss: Mainly just fitting into my old clothes.

Sleep: Still pretty good. Occasionally I’ll have a night that I toss and turn, but for the most part, I’m sleeping well. I’ve noticed that it’s getting more uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach. It’s not that my stomach is getting in the way, it’s that I don’t like the pressure on my abdomen – so I mainly sleep on my sides.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing my family this week, and them getting to see my growing belly. And of course our ultrasound next week! It’s been 9 weeks since we’ve seen our little one – can’t wait to see him or her and find out if he/she is a him or her!

Symptoms: Mainly just my growing belly.

Baby Snider - Week 17

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  17 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely – I LOVE my belly band!

Best Moment This Week:

Gender: Unknown – 2 weeks and counting.

Movement: I thought I might have felt a poke last week, but everyone describes the first movements as fluttering or bubbles, so I’m not sure that it was movement.

Size and Development: We have an onion. Baby is gaining weight and putting some meat on his or her bones.

Food Cravings: Pretty much the same as last week. Nothing in particular, but love me my fatty condiments. :D

What I Miss: Sleeping in whatever position I want. I’m not supposed to sleep on my back, so that one’s out. And although it’s still comfortable to sleep on my stomach, pretty much any position gets uncomfortable fairly quickly.

Sleep: See above. I’m changing positions a lot and trying to figure out the best pillow situation.

What I am looking forward to: Our next ultrasound – 2 more weeks! I also am super excited to start to feel this kid move – should be anytime now.

Symptoms: Just getting tired and fatigued more easily. My back is starting to hurt more easily if I’m on my feet too long. It’s probably time to buy some more supportive shoes for work.

Baby Snider - Week 16

Baby Blog

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Pretty much all the time. I bought a belly band this week – it’s a piece of fabric that goes around my belly to keep up my pants that I have to unbutton.

Best Moment This Week: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time at our last doctor’s appointment. It was super short because she didn’t keep the device on my belly for very long, but it was awesome!

Gender: Unknown – 3 more weeks and counting.

Movement: None yet.

Size and Development: Baby is the size of an avocado – mmm…avocados. The bones in his or her ears are forming and hair, lashes, and eyebrows are forming.

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular, however, I realized that whenever I eat something with condiments, I HAVE to have a bunch or that condiment. Like I don’t want some ketchup with my fries – I HAVE to have a lot of ketchup! I also love sour cream. I’ve always like sour cream, but now I want a ton of it with my Mexican food and tortilla chips. (I’m aware of the fat and sugar content of both ketchup and sour cream, so I’m careful – but hey – a girl has her vices).

What I Miss: Fitting into my old clothes and being able to exercise at my old intensity level.

Sleep: It depends on the night. Some nights I sleep great, other nights I toss and turn a lot. I’ve added more pillows to help with finding a comfortable position.

What I am looking forward to: Our next ultrasound in three weeks. I’m just counting down the days until we find out if our Little One is a boy or a girl!

Symptoms: Not a whole lot of symptoms other than my growing belly. If there is even a little pressure on my belly, I’m able to feel that there is something different in there. It’s weird and so cool at the same time!

Baby Snider - Week 15

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  15 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yes – pretty often. Cheryl, Chris’ mom, gave me some more maternity clothes.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing Chris’ parents for the first time since we’ve been pregnant when they came down to celebrate Father’s day. We got to celebrate Chris’ first Father’s day and Kevin’s first Father’s day as a grandpa.

Also, we heard Uno’s heartbeat for the first time at our last appointment. It was short, but it was so awesome to hear the wushing sound of our baby’s heartbeat. 

Gender: Unknown.

Movement: None yet.

Size and Development: He/she is the size of a naval orange. Baby’s body parts are now much more proportional to each other.

Food Cravings: Nothing really specific, although I’ve wanted more fresh fruits and veggies because I’ve been lacking them in my diet. 

What I Miss: My clothes fitting well and some foods like sushi with raw fish.

Sleep: I’ve started sleeping with more pillows and a body pillow because I was tossing and turning a lot. I was just getting uncomfortable in each position very quickly, but the pillows help a lot!

What I am looking forward to: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat at our next doctor’s appointment.

Symptoms: Headaches and a bit of nausea. Nothing too serious. 

Baby Snider - Week 14

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  14 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Comfy clothes!

Best Moment This Week: Having a friend touch my belly and say hi to Uno, and telling more people that didn’t know yet that we’re pregnant.

Gender: Unknown – Hopefully we’ll know July 15th!

Movement: None yet – hopefully in a few weeks.

Size and Development: He/she is the size of a lemon – limbs are wiggling and little peach-fuzz type hair is covering his or her body.

Food Cravings: Still want chips and junk food, but the cravings haven’t been so bad. I really like VERY cold drinks – tall glasses of water with LOTS of ice!

What I Miss: Not really anything right now.

Sleep: Still good – although, I feel like my limbs are falling asleep more often.

What I am looking forward to: Feeling movement. I can’t wait to feel our Little One move – it’ll make it even more real.

Symptoms: I’ve gotten a couple waves of feeling sick (which is odd for the 2nd trimester) but nothing terrible. And the limbs falling asleep thing.

Baby Snider - Week 13

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  13 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yes – maternity shorts (because they’re super comfy), some maternity shirts – in fact, I just bought a new maternity shirt for myself while on our trip.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing my parents and sister at my aunt’s graduation. It was the first time I’d seen my sister in person since we’ve been pregnant. It was extra special. Also, going to Vegas on vacation – it was nice and relaxing. Also, Gender:

Movement: None yet.

Size and Development: The size of a peach – he or she has fingerprints and vocal cords are forming.

Food Cravings: Mostly just junk food. Again – trying to not indulge too much – however, I did while on vacation. :D

What I Miss: Not a whole lot – caffeine a bit, but nothing too terrible.

Sleep: Still good – however, the last few days, I’ve been waking up at after 8 hours – even before my alarm. Even still – sleep has been good.

What I am looking forward to: Being in the second trimester, and moving along in the pregnancy.

Symptoms: None really – just still tired. Ironically – I threw up today. I hadn’t thrown up at all, then today, after having too much orange juice on an empty stomach – I threw up my breakfast.

Baby Snider - Week 12

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  12 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yes – I love wearing maternity shorts because they are super comfy, and I’m wearing some maternity shirts.

Best Moment This Week: The best moment was when we announced our pregnancy to everyone this week!!!

Gender: Unknown – We are scheduled for an ultrasound on July 15th – hopefully we’ll find out then.

Movement: None yet.

Size and Development: Little One is the size of a plum – got all of his or her parts and is developing reflexes.

Food Cravings: Mainly just junk food – trying to be good and not indulge all the time.

What I Miss: Not much – Things haven’t changed a ton, but I do miss fitting into my clothes as well as I did before.

Sleep: Still good.

What I am looking forward to: Going on vacation to Vegas to celebrate our 5th anniversary – it’s extra special since it’s our first trip since we found out about Uno.

Symptoms: Just still tired.

Baby Snider - Week 11

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  11 weeks

Maternity Clothes: I’ve started wearing a few pieces of maternity clothes.

Best Moment This Week: Going to our first ultrasound. I cried whenever Uno moved. It was amazing! We were amazed how much we could see, and we loved seeing our Little One!

Gender: Unknown – We are scheduled for an ultrasound on July 15th – hopefully we’ll find out then.

Movement: None yet.

Size and Development: Size of a lime – tooth buds, hair follicles, and nail beds are forming. No more webbed fingers or toes. :D

Food Cravings: I still want junk food, and I’ve wanted sweets, however, the salty cravings have subsided a bit.

What I Miss: Nothing really. Regular caffeine a bit, but I’m sure cutting my caffeine is probably good for me.

Sleep: Sleep is still good.

What I am looking forward to: Telling everyone tomorrow!!!

Symptoms: Just tiredness.

Baby Snider - Week 10

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  10 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Wore the maternity shorts my mom bought me last week, and they are SOOO comfortable. Like, I would wear them even if I wasn’t pregnant, comfortable.

Best Moment This Week: Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day was yesterday, and although I don’t have a baby in my arms, it was fun to celebrate my first mother’s day.

Gender: Unknown           

Movement: None

Size and Development: He or she is the size of a prune – vital organs are fully developed and bones and cartilage are forming.

Food Cravings: Chips and Mexican food. Oh, and cheese.

What I Miss: Still my clothes not fitting right. It’s frustrating that I don’t look pregnant; I just look like I’m gaining weight.

Sleep: Still getting good sleep.

What I am looking forward to: We have our first ultrasound at the doctor this Friday, May 17th! I can’t wait to see our little Uno again.

Symptoms: Still some nausea, but that’s about it. 

Baby Snider - Week 9

Baby Blog

How Far Along:  9 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Mom bought some for me the other day, but I haven’t worn them yet.

Best Moment This Week: Having my parents visit and talk to Uno.

Gender: Unknown

Movement: None

Size and Development: The little one is the size of a green olive. The heartbeat is getting stronger and he/she is developing more facial features.

Food Cravings: Still salty foods and Mexican!

What I Miss: My clothes fitting. My pants are getting tight around the waist, and most of my shirts are tight in the breast area.

Sleep: Pretty good, although I’ve been getting hot at night.

What I am looking forward to: Wearing my comfy maternity clothes.

Symptoms: Still some nausea here and there, but nothing too serious.