Monday, November 26, 2012

just around the corner

Hey all -
I'm still here and I'm still working to lose weight! :D

Just to catch you up - I won the contest that I did with my friend, Ally. I think I only lost like 5 pounds, but 5 pounds in one month is not bad when I'm at the weight I am.

Chris and I went to Hawaii with his parents in October. Hawaii was not good to my waistline, but we had a blast. I finally had lost all of my Hawaii weight - just in time for Thanksgiving! HA. My parents came for Thanksgiving weekend, and we had such a good time - very relaxing. Although, again, not good for my waist line.

Luckily, I'm dancing in our church's Christmas production, so I've been getting in a lot of cardio. :D In case any of you are curious - my church is doing an original 4 part mini-series. It's like a tv mini-series meets a broadway musical. It's kind of a spin off "The Office" (in genre, not content). So there are parts that are pre-recorded, like a tv show, and then there are live scenes down in "the warehouse." There is lots of acting, singing, and dancing! I'm so excited to be a part of this - it's going to be awesome. It's called, "When It Snows in San Diego." Check out my FB page for a promo video. If any of you are interested in seeing it, recordings of the videos should be on on Sunday each week. Let me know if you want more info.

Chris and I have decided to start a photography business - Snider Photography. Chris is hard at work creating a logo, designing a website, and getting Facebook and Twitter set up for us. Stay tuned for more about this - we are super excited about it!

In addition to all the Christmas craziness, I'm looking for a new job. The hours at my current job are being cut because of cutbacks. I'm still there part time, but need something else to compensate those other hours. Looking for something full or part time - I'm open. So if you know of anything - send it my way.

I'm still working to lose weight even through this crazy holiday season. Last year, I lost 10 pounds between Christmas and New Years. Granted, I was 30 pounds heavier, but I think I can do this again. I'm so close to 100 pounds down - I'm itching to reach that goal.

So that's us right now - lots of exciting things on the horizon. Will keep you all posted and updated as things progress.

The Sniders