Monday, March 31, 2008

Surprise Shower!

wow, it's been a long time since i last blogged!
well, last weekend the wonderful girls in my dorm threw (sp.) me a surprise bridal shower. I HAD NO IDEA! it was so awesome. they had a cake, brownies, a TON of ice cream, balloons, streamers...the whole sha-bang!
unfortunately, none of them brought a camera, so i don't have pics. (and it's not my fault this time because it was a surprise, and let's just face it, i don't carry my camera around all the time - or ever.) :D
so yes, they were awesome and amazing, and they made me a HUGE card. they are all just so cute and i love them tons! :D
3 and a half weeks of school left! 22 days to be exact! SOOOO CLOSE! i have a couple papers to write, then it's pretty much downhill from there. can't wait to come home and, i don't know, GET MARRIED! :D tomorrow we will be able to say that we are getting married next month! yay! love it!
well, that's all for now...catch ya on the flip side...whatever that means. : )

Sunday, March 9, 2008


hey all,
so i had my bridal shower last saturday! it was SOOOO MUCH FUN!
Chris's mom put it on for me, and it was AMAZING. the decorations
were beautiful, the food was yummy, and the games were fun!
it was so surreal: sitting there knowing that everyone was not only
there for ME, but they were there for MY BRIDAL SHOWER!
I"M GETTING MARRIED! hahaha! i spent the rest of my spring break
cramming in as much wedding stuff as i possibly could. we got a lot
done, but there is still lots to do. i can't believe it's only two
and a half months away! :D
here are some pics fromt he shower...there's only a few because i
haven't gotten them all yet from other people. when i get them i will
post more later!

the beautiful centerpieces

a cool picture of the presents

me and my cool towel cake
(with some random shadow on my face)