Saturday, December 13, 2008

hello, from the freezing cold

once again...i haven't blogged in a while. please forgive me...last week was insane with finals and papers and books...but it is OVER (at least until january).

one thing i will say that is good about Indiana is that it has seasons! the leaves turn these amazing colors and the trees are beautiful. even though fall has come and gone, i wanted to show you all some of the wonderful colors we experienced before the stupid snow decided to take over. also, i threw in a couple pics from the halloween party we had at youth group. Chris dressed up in 70's clothes and i was a Starbuck's barista. :D

over thanksgiving break, Chris and i went to my aunt and uncle's house in Charleston, Il. My family flew out to join us, as well as my other aunt and uncle from Ohio and my two cousins and their husbands and kids, and my grandparents. it was a full house, but so much fun. it was the first time since my 8th grade year that we were all together!
we took a picture of all of us, but i can't seem to find it right now.

now that finals are over, chris and i decided to put up some Christmas decorations. it's our first Christmas as a married couple, so obviously, we had to document the occasion. :D

our first Christmas as a married couple :D

our little tree...yes it's crooked...yes, we like it that way.

the nativity set that Chris' Grampa Knee built him
over multiple years

our two little trees : ]

can't wait to see you all so soon when we go out to CA.