Sunday, February 14, 2010


happy valentine's day, blog world.

Chris and I both worked last night, so after church we came up to Ft. Wayne (we are currently still there, sitting in Panera Bread doing homework). we went to a yummy italian restaurant that we have been to at least 3 of the 4 v-days that we have been in Indiana. (we can't remember for sure what we did sophomore year. ha). we did some shopping (browsing, really). then we came to panera to get some homework done.

life has been alright. busy. busy. busy. 75 days until graduation! so excited about that! we are busy with school, work, and ministry. a couple of the female youth leaders and i are starting a bible study with some high school girls. we are super excited about that, but that is one more commitment. also, FUSION (IWU youth conference) is picking up pace. pretty much after spring break life will be even crazier! fun, but crazy!

confession: i haven't kept up with my picture everyday of 2010 plan. i was just getting tired of taking virtually the same picture, and i didn't have the time to really put forth the effort to create a good picture. i haven't stopped all together. i am still trying to take pictures consistently, learn more about photography, look at things with a photographer's eye, and practice when i can. plus, it's only february...there will be plenty more pictures taken this year! :D

Chris and i are on the job hunt for after graduation. we have talked to a couple of churches, but nothing is official. please be praying with and for us as we figure out what God wants for us and where he wants us to be. we want to be obedient, but that is SOOO easier said than done. we really appreciate your prayers!

that is all for now.


p.s. sorry, no pics this time...will try to post some in my next post