Thursday, October 25, 2007

catch up...

Chris' parents came for a week over our fall break! we had sooo much fun...but silly us, we took ZERO pictures! we went shopping, slept A LOT, played games, and just had fun!
then my dad came to visit us for a day. he was in indy for meetings, so he came up to hang out with me! we had so much fun. i miss my family a lot! i can't wait til CHRISTMAS BREAK!
after the visits, it was back to reality. homework (and lots of it), lack of sleep, and work!
Shatford and Bowman are having the annual Barn Party on Saturday! apple bobbin', pie eating contests, s'mores...what more could you ask for? : )
From Thursday 25-Friday 26, Shatford is doing a 30 hour prayer. our chaplain and her reps transformed part of our lobby to a prayer room. there are different stations the girls can go to to pray in different ways: confession, communion, purity, etc. it's really exciting! God is doing some mighty things here in Shatford and at IWU!
on October 23 was exactly 7 months til the wedding. we now have a dj and a florist, i think. i looked at my wedding planning checklist tonight and realized i'm almost in the "4-6 month" section! AHHH! so crazy! i can't believe how fast time is flying! it's exciting, and totally scary at the same time!
missing my family and friends from home and around the country! love you all!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

80's Skate Night '07

80's Skate Night was amazing! All the freshmen, although it was mostly Bowman and Shatford, got all dressed up in our best 80's garb and went roller blading! We looked pretty snazzy! : )

Shatford House Retreat!

ok, so i realize that this event was like WEEKS AGO, but here are some pics!
The ladies of Shatford went camping for a night (very interesting without bathrooms) : ) and we had an awesome time. we played games, ate food, made s'mores, had worship and a speaker, and just had a grand ol' time, bonding! : )