Friday, October 31, 2008

fall break...and more

wow, it has been a REALLY LONG TIME since my last post...sorry. chris and i have been really busy with school, work, church/practicums/working on the house, etc. we're having fun (as much fun as you can when you're up to your nose in papers, books, and projects).
a few weekends ago was fall break. chris and i worked on the house and got a lot done. actually chris got most of it done, but i helped. :D we did a lot of cleaning on that friday (kitchen, cars, powerwashing the house), and chris fixed a ton of little stuff around the house. (i didn't know somuch could be done on such a little house). Then on saturday, i went to work and chris and his friend, Nate, painted the kitchen. Chris painted to cabinets brown, and nate worked on the trim and our orange stripe. it's not done, but so far it looks good. right now, our house is in chaos because our cabinets on the kitchen floor, our kitchen table is in our living room, and our appliances are on the kitchen table (in the living room). we are hoping to at least get the cabinets back on and the kitchen table (with appliances) OUT of the living room this weekend.

on saturday night, chris and i got dressed up and went to muncie for a date. we went to olive garden and target (have to go whenever we can), then we went to applebee's for desert. it was fun to just get out of marion (and our crazy house) and try to relax.

Sunday was a relaxing day filled with sleep and food. :D

other than that, things have been pretty uneventful. my friend kati got engaged...super excited for her!

chris and i have just been trying to stay on top of things and relax and hang with friends in our "free" time.

oh, and i funny story: i was at work, when a lady and a man came in to the store. i was checking her out - she was buying $85 dollars worth of boxed cards. this kind of surprised me, but i thought, "whatever. if she has the all means...we'll take it." when it's time to pay, she uses two travelers checks. we don't get a whole lot of those here in marion, IN, and i didn't know how to use them. i called about 5 of my co-workers, and finally figured out how to do them. (the customers were getting a little frustrated at how long it was taking me). unfortunately, i accidently rung them up as 50 cents, not $50. i felt so bad. now they were getting really frustrated. i offered them some free coffee while i figured it all out. i did get it all figured out and sent them on their way. i felt really bad for taking so long and delaying them, but the thing that really killed me was that the woman was Jeannette Oke, as in the AUTHOR! yes, Mrs. Oke was in our store, and I screwed up her traveler's checks. :D i felt horrible because it wasn't like she was having a bad experience at a restaurant or clothing store. no, it was a CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE! oh well. i just kept laughing at myself the whole night. as bad as i felt, i also thought it was REALLY FUNNY! :D

so, sorry for the novel i just wrote. hope i was able to catch you all up. and i'll try to better stay on top of blogging. :D

Please be praying for Shay as he is in Europe working with missionaries. He left on October 28th and will be there until November 26. Please pray that God will use him, and give him the confidence to be outgoing and loving to the people he encounters. his blog is he's good about updating it, and it can help you better know how topray for him.

pics from fall break:

beautiful sunset on the way to muncie
(they're a bit blurry because we were driving)

our kitchen with no cabinet doors

our cool light we put in the kitchen

our pumpkin orange stripe (it was supposed
to be burnt orange, but whatever)

nate, painting the trim

painting the cabinet doors

cleaning the over - he's so good

fixing the shower faucet

chris working on his car