Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Day 5

We finally made it. after 5 days of driving, 9 states, and many many miles...we made it to Marion, IN. we moved most of our stuff into the house and will begin painting and getting settled ASAP! it's weird being here when we aren't in school, but it's nice to have our own little place. here are some pics of our house now...after we paint and decorate i will show the "after" pictures. :D
Family and friends, PLEASE be praying that Chris and i both get jobs AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! God has a plan, and we are trusting him. so please pray for His provision on jobs. thanks. love you all!

living room (looking at the front door)

kitchen (look at those blue capinets)

our bedroom (looking out into the hallway)

the bathroom (please notice the
blue accents...again)
Day 4

After making a stop at our friend's house in Topeka, Kansas. We headed to Charleston, Illinois where we stayed with family, as mentioned in my last post. although we wish we could have stayed longer, we still had fun catching up with them. THANKS FAM!
The drive from Topeka to Charleston wasn't as long as the other trips. we went through St. Louis and saw the Arch. then we drove over the Mississippi River, which was ridiculously full. other than that...this days drive was pretty uneventful. sorry no pictures of this day. stay tuned. :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

more driving...

Day 3
Today was a LONG DAY. it was the longest drive of the trip. we drove almost 600 miles. but at least we got to drive through beautiful colorado with the rockies in the distance. then we got to kansas and were driving through pretty green rolling hills. i actually got to drive for a bit today. :D it was a bit nerve-racking going through construction zones in a suburban with a trailer on the back, but it was fine.
we stayed with friends in Topeka, Kansas. It's Shay's girlfriend and her family. it was so much fun to see all of them, (minus one of her sisters who was at camp), after not seeing them for so long. i wish we could have stayed longer.
tomorrow, it's off to Charleston, Illinois where we are going to stay with my uncle (dad's bro), aunt, and cousin. :D
stay tuned for more from our journey across America.

the rockies (in the distance)

more pretty scenery

Friday, June 20, 2008

the adventure continues

Day 2

We're in Wyoming now. There's not much to look at out here. We hitting 4 states today: Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Colordo. I fell asleep for awhile, but since I left my pillow at our hotel in Nevada, I didn't sleep for long. We are having fun together, we're just kind of bored. There is only so much one can do in a car surrounded by green and brown flatness. We're enjoying laughing and being silly together...making our own fun. It's nice to be ''just us'' now. Keep watching for more from this girl on the move.

bored in utah...surrounded by salt flats

more salt and pretty mountains

me. :D

attempting to entertain myself.

the start of a great adventure

Day 1

We're on the road. After two days of setbacks, we finally started our trek across the united states from sacramento, california to marion, indiana. It's cool to be taking this trip as just the two of us, however, it's a little weird being on our own now. We're in charge, no more bumming off our parents...rent, gas, groceries, our own house...it's just us now, baby. As weird as it is, it is still fun. Who wouldn't want to go on a road trip with their best friend? :D more updates to come.

our first stop in reno, nevada

Monday, June 16, 2008


Chris and i have spent the two weeks packing and preparing to leave our friends and family and move to Marion, Indiana. we already moved there once for school, but it's different this time. it's for real...we're going to make our new and first home together as husband and wife.
it's definately scary, but we're super excited! it will be fun decorating and setting up our new home.

being on the road, i don't know if i'll be able to update the blog. but when we get there i'll update everyone on our trip! :D

much love,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

becoming "wife"

hello, friends.
i'm now Mrs. Snider. (although my lisence has not been changed yet).
we got back from the honeymoon on monday. we had such a good time.
we went to the carribbean on a 7 day cruise. we went to a different
island everyday: St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua,
and St. Kitts. SO AWESOME. we went snorkelling in barbados and saw
sea turtles, fish, and a shipwreck. then we swam in the most beautiful
water on the most beautiful beach...*BIG SMILE* :D

now that we're home, being married is becoming more of a reality.
we're still in the excited gitty mode. we love saying things, like:
"hello husband" and "i need to talk to my hubby first." :D i love
talking to him as we're going to sleep, and waking up next to him
in the mornings. :D sometimes i feel like this is NEVER going to
get old, and i hope it doesn't. i feel like a joined a special club
that every knows about, yet nobody really knows it exists. :D

sometimes i don't feel a whole lot different from the way i felt before
May 23, 2008. but every day i am enjoying learning how to become a wife.
how to love and be there for my husband. how to respect, submit to,
consult with him, and make important decisions (and not so important
decisions) with him.

it's all a learning process and a growing experience that will never end!

here are some pics from the wedding and the honeymoon:

tralfagar falls in Dominica

formal night


beach in antigua