Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Day 5

We finally made it. after 5 days of driving, 9 states, and many many miles...we made it to Marion, IN. we moved most of our stuff into the house and will begin painting and getting settled ASAP! it's weird being here when we aren't in school, but it's nice to have our own little place. here are some pics of our house now...after we paint and decorate i will show the "after" pictures. :D
Family and friends, PLEASE be praying that Chris and i both get jobs AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! God has a plan, and we are trusting him. so please pray for His provision on jobs. thanks. love you all!

living room (looking at the front door)

kitchen (look at those blue capinets)

our bedroom (looking out into the hallway)

the bathroom (please notice the
blue accents...again)

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