Sunday, June 22, 2008

more driving...

Day 3
Today was a LONG DAY. it was the longest drive of the trip. we drove almost 600 miles. but at least we got to drive through beautiful colorado with the rockies in the distance. then we got to kansas and were driving through pretty green rolling hills. i actually got to drive for a bit today. :D it was a bit nerve-racking going through construction zones in a suburban with a trailer on the back, but it was fine.
we stayed with friends in Topeka, Kansas. It's Shay's girlfriend and her family. it was so much fun to see all of them, (minus one of her sisters who was at camp), after not seeing them for so long. i wish we could have stayed longer.
tomorrow, it's off to Charleston, Illinois where we are going to stay with my uncle (dad's bro), aunt, and cousin. :D
stay tuned for more from our journey across America.

the rockies (in the distance)

more pretty scenery

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