Thursday, January 21, 2010

the beginning of the end

hello blog readers...
i thought it was time to blog again. :D

the last semester of college has begun - and WOW - we really jumped into this semester. chris and i are already starting to feel super busy.

one thing i am very excited about this semester is that i am on the staff for FUSION. FUSION is IWU's conference for high school students. they come to campus, here bands, play games, listen to a speaker, go to seminars, etc. kind of like a mini youth convention. I am in charge of bands and security - and i am super excited because SWITCHFOOT is coming! so life will get crazy as FUSION approaches, but it will be exciting!

also, i know a guy who is a photographer who decided his new year's resolution was to take a picture everyday of 2010. i really liked this idea, so i started to do this, too. i'm not gonna lie - i have missed a couple of days, but it is giving me great practice and is helping me to see things from a photographer's eye.

i started a flickr account, but i haven't had the chance to really develop it - but it is coming. until are some of the pictures i have taken so far this year.