Thursday, June 30, 2011

love. dreams. and weight loss. {an update}

wow - it's been almost 3 months since I last posted.

here's a quick recap:

May 23: Chris and I had our 3rd anniversary. it was a monday and we were leaving the next day for my brother's wedding, so we didn't really celebrate on the actual date. But we went to Kansas City for the weekend after the wedding to celebrate. i can't believe it's been three years. the last three years. it's been a crazy 3 years. we've gone through so much: good, bad, ugly, and everything in between. I'm so blessed to have Chris as my best friend and husband. I LOVE YOU!!!

May 27: Shay and Haley got married! it was a blast! if you don't know this about me, here's a free random trivia about Lauren: I LOVE WEDDINGS! i love everything about weddings: the flowers, the dress, the cake, the invitations, the people, the dancing, the love, and especially the photography! it just can't get enough of it. and for it to be my brother and new sister's wedding was just the icing on the cake (pun absolutely intended). :D

May 28-30: Chris and I celebrated our anniversary in Kansas City. Sorry - didn't take any pics, but we had fun walking around The Plaza (an outdoor mallish place). We went to dinner at Brazilian restaurant (all you can eat meat - yummo!), got gelato, listened to music, and enjoyed every minute.

June 11: we helped move Shaley into their apartment in Marion.

Our close friends, the Schwarze's, moved to Australia to be missionaries for two years. we've spent lots of time with Shaley. we went on a little trip (more on that in the future). ace is still a big ball of energy. and we have been anticipating what God has in store for us.

The Lord gave me the word, dream, for this year. The word dream has never really appeared to me. Maybe it's because when I was in junior high, "dream" was written on a ton of pink and blue girly things surrounded by clouds. (if you were a junior high girl around 2000, and you shopped at the store, Claire's, you know what I'm talking about).

change is coming for the Snider's (no, i'm not pregnant), but nothing is set in stone. as things pan out, I will keep you all posted. please be in prayer for us as we prepare and seek what God's will for us is.

if you read my last post i mentioned starting a new blog. it's in the works, and have no idea when it will be up.

now for a weight loss update:

minimal progress at best.

unfortunately, i seem to have lost the initial motivation with which i began this whole journey. it's frustrating, especially knowing that i could have lost a lot more weight since i started this process.
i'm trying to figure some things out - like what i need to change in order to continue losing weight. the good news is that i have been maintaining, i just haven't been losing. i think it's partly that i feel i need a weight loss buddy (someone else trying to lose weight and work out with), but i don't really have someone here for that. chris is very supportive, but he gets quite the workout at Starbucks and usually isn't up to working out with me. also - i think i just need a fire lit under my butt. not sure what that looks like exactly, but i need it. i have so many goals and dreams - so you would think that that would be all the motivation that i need. obviously not. so i need to figure out what it is that will trigger the switch in me to jumpstart my weight loss again.

i realized last night that i have so many dreams and goals i want to pursue, but so much of my mental, physical, and emotional energy is spent on this weight loss journey. i need to reach my weight loss goals so that i can focus on pursuing my other dreams. the sooner i reach my weight loss goals, the sooner i can start pursuing my other dreams with all my energy.

so...i think i'm going to apply/audition to the biggest loser. i'm waiting until they post the website for the application. your support on FB and Twitter would be awesome! i feel like getting on BL13 is a bit of a long shot, but you never know.

so there is my update on our lives right now. as i said before - changes are coming, and i'm excited for the future. i will keep updating as things progress!

thanks for stopping by!