Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Girl - Week 40

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How Far Along:  40 weeks – DUE DATE – let’s get this show on the road!

Maternity Clothes: Always.

Best Moment This Week: My mom came to town on Friday. It’s weird to think that she’s here for the purpose of Baby Girl’s birth. I’m so excited to have her here for the birth – now if only Baby Girl would come out!

Also, the looks on people’s faces when I told them I was due “tomorrow” made me laugh!

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Still moving around in there. Her movements are more like rolls or twists because she’s just about out of room, but I still feel her. Plus, she often gets the hiccups still.

Size and Development: Baby Girl is the size of a Jackfruit (who comes up with these foods)? Her hair and nails keep growing, and her lungs keep developing. (Read: She’s done baking, so let’s get this kid out of me)!!!

Food Cravings: Soda and ice cream – you know, really healthy foods. HA.

What I Miss: I know I’ve said it for a few weeks, but I mainly miss just feeling like myself. I’m ready to have this kid out of me so I can move and function like normal.  

Sleep: Sleep is ok. I’m always tossing and turning, but still sleeping soundly when I am asleep. Every few nights, I’ll wake up for about an hour, and it’ll take me awhile to get back to sleep. This is usually due to heartburn or having trouble breathing because my lungs are being squished.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting Baby Girl and finally revealing her name! I can’t wait to introduce her to everyone and share the name we’ve been keeping a secret for so long!

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, heartburn (mainly due to the spicy foods I’ve been eating to try to get labor going), being emotional, and fatigue.

You Know Your Pregnant When: Your husband helps you put on and tie your shoes because it’s too hard to lean over to do it yourself.
People’s mouth’s drop when you tell them you’re “due tomorrow,” because they can’t believe your walking, talking, and functioning as a normal human being.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby Girl - Week 39

 Baby Blog
(Is it me or is that bump getting a little lower? Maybe?)

How Far Along:  39 weeks – FULL TERM - anytime now!!! Now the real-hardcore-can’t take it anymore-I want to meet my baby-waiting begins. Sunday was the first time that I thought, “Yup, I’m done being pregnant.” I feel pretty good about the fact that I made it to just shy of 39 weeks before feeling that way, but it’s here and I’m ready to meet my kid! Today was my last actual shift at work. I’m still doing some work from home, but I’m officially on maternity leave as of right now! YAY!

Maternity Clothes: Yes.

Best Moment This Week: Putting the finishing touches on the nursery. We have some of our stuff still in the room that we need to move out, but other than that, it’s done! All of her stuff is set up – painted, put together, and organized. I’m sure things will change a bit or get re-arranged. But if she comes today, I’d be satisfied that her room is ready for her.

Gender: GIRL! – I sometimes have this fear, though, that the tech got it wrong, and they’re going to tell me I gave birth to a boy. I would love to have a boy one day, but we’re all ready and planning on a girl – so our ultrasound tech better have gotten it right!

Movement: Still lots of a movement. She was pretty still for a couple of days last week to the point that I almost called my doctor. But about 5 minutes before I called, she started moving a ton, so I felt much better.

Size and Development: She’s the size of a watermelon – I’d say that means she’s ready to come out! She should be about 19-21 inches long, and probably close (if not over) 8 pounds. Although her brain is still developing (and will continue to develop for a LONG time), she’s ready to live in the world outside of the womb. So, let’s get this show on the road!!!

Food Cravings: Soda. I just would love to have a soda with every meal (I don’t), but I just love the sweetness. Let’s be honest, though, I’m probably craving sweets because I keep eating sweets. If I ate veggies, I’d probably start to crave veggies.

What I Miss: Good, non-restless sleep. I know that this isn’t really go to change much in the near future. But I’m at least hoping that once I have the baby, when I’m sleeping, I will actually be sleeping instead of tossing and turning for the majority of the night.

Sleep: Sleep is ok, but not as good as it was. It really depends on the night. Some nights I get good sleep, and others I don’t. I usually toss and turn every night to get comfortable, but some nights I lay awake for about an hour or so in the middle of the night and then eventually go back to sleep. Last night, however, I woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep. After fighting it for almost an hour, I finally got up at about 5:40 because I was so hungry. My hips are starting to ache again when I sleep, so that’s part of the problem.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting this Little Girl of ours. I’m just so stinking excited to see what she looks like, get to know her personality, and just hold her in my arms!

Symptoms: Tiredness, achiness, a giant protruding belly, hips hurting at night, restless sleep, minor swelling, and people looking at me with surprised looks on their faces saying, “You haven’t had that baby yet?!” Ha. It actually doesn’t really bother me that they say it; the looks on their faces are just funny. About a week ago (around 38 weeks), I had someone ask, “You sure you’re not having twins.” I responded politely with an, “I’m sure.” But in my head I thought, “Yes, I’m sure, but thanks for pointing out that, at 38 weeks, I not only look like I’m ready to pop but that it looks like there should be more than one child stuffed in my belly. I appreciate it.”

You Know You’re Pregnant When: Your feet swell up like a balloon from standing for just a few short hours. People ask, “You haven’t had that baby yet?!” on a regular basis. You feel like a grandma when you just want to go to bed at 8pm – on a Friday.