Tuesday, July 29, 2008

house update.

*update* the bedroom is pretty much set up. but we still don't have a bed or a dresser and it's just not done, so i will post pictures when it's ALL done. :D

warning: no pictures yet.

so i finished painting our bedroom today - FINALLY! i'm going to move our bed and furniture into the room tomorrow and set it all up. it needs a bit of organizing and cleaning first, but hopefully i can make that happen tomorrow. :D
once the bedroom's done, we can finish the living room...THEN i can post pics of our cozy little home. :D

i miss you and love you all.

- L

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008


yes, we've made it two months. actually, last night i was thinking it was our three month anniversary, then i did the math and realized it was numero dos. apparently, it feels like more than two months. :D we love being married. we've been through a lot as a married couple, both good and bad, and we're enjoying every minute of it!

we love you all and are so grateful to your prayers and support.


Monday, July 21, 2008


on saturday, chris and i were going to indy to get some more things we needed from bed bath and beyond and target and to celebrate my birthday.
however, before we even made it out of the neighborhood, we saw a garage sale and thought we would stop. at this garage sale we got a couch! it's an apartment size couch (between a full size and a love seat) that is a sleeper. she also included the slipcover and 4 pillows all for $20! woo hoo! she even let us leave it at her house until we could come pick it up on sunday.

there were a couple other garage sales going on so we thought we would take a look. chris got a grill for FREE! yes, that's right...a BBQ for Free.99. :D it just needs some cleaning up and a propane tank. needless to say, we were feeling pretty good before we even got on the road.

then we got to bed, bath, and beyond. we found a comforter (for the bed we don't have yet) that matches the sheets we got the last time we went to BBandB. we thought we had forgotten our 20% coupon that we got from our registry...but when we got to the register, we had it! yay! :D

after BBandB, we went to Old Navy. well, at this particular store ONLY they were having a 50% off sale on all their clearance items through saturday. so we made it for the clearance sale on the last day it was offered at the only store it was offered. we love clearance on clearance!!! so we were able to get some new clothes. :D

then we went to dinner at chili's and paid with gift cards. ha. God truly blessed us on saturday with much needed (and even wanted) stuff! :D

then yesterday (sunday), we had lunch with my g-parents, which was nice.
afterwards, chris went and got our couch. we moved it into the living room and are very proud of it. :D unfortunately, the living room is very crowded now since we are sleeping in their on our airbed (as a mentioned, we don't have a bed yet), until i'm done painting our bedroom.

we even got to watch a movie while we were sitting on our NEW (to us) couch. however, we did have to deflate our bed in order to see the tv since the tv is on the floor because the living room isn't finished and set up. HA! but we enjoyed it. :D

i must be honest, monday was not as good as the weekend. i don't want to forget God's many blessings, but today was a rough day. Chris' job is a real pain, although it is money. it's just taking a toll on him. painting the bedroom didn't go so well for me today. oh, and we had to completely take my computer apart last night and work on it for about an hour and a half because a peice of my charger broke off and got stuck in my computer. we got it out, but it was very frustrating. ok, thanks for letting me vent. i love sharing all of our good times and funny stories on this blog, but sometimes, i need to be honest with you, my friends, and share the not-so-good times.

i also am asking for your prayers. Chris really needs a new job. this one has been a blessing when we were desperate for a job. but it's only a seasonal job, and it's a real pain for him. also, please pray for a new job for me as well. my job at the video rental store is fine for the summer, but it's not going to work great with my school schedule. also, please pray that chris and i will be able to have the time and energy to finish setting up/painting our house before school starts.

thanks, friends. i love you all.

- L

Monday, July 14, 2008

a locked door, an air conditioner, and a 10 foot antenna

a story from the snider home:
Chris and i went to dinner and grocery shopping saturday night. when we came back to the house we realized that we didn't have a house key. (the key ring we had didn't have either of our house keys. the keys were on our other two key rings. yes, we have three key rings). anyway, luckily, chris had just installed a window air conditioner, but he had not bolted it to the window. so he opened the window, and pulled out the air conditioner. unfortunately, the window was too high for either of us to climb into, and we didn't have anything to stand on. we could see the keys on the kitchen counter, but we couldn't reach them.

my husband to the rescue...he remembered he had a CB radio antenna in his bronco (and we DID have the bronco keys). so he went and got the 10 FOOT LONG ANTENNA! so imagine if you will, both of us standing on the outside of out house, our air conditioner on the ground, holding a very long antenna, attempting to fish out our keys. HE GOT THEM. chris hooked the key ring onto the antenna and pulled out the keys.

it was such a funny experience. it took chris a while to actually hook the key ring because we would just start laughing. :D

as far as the house is going...we are progressing. i started painting our bedroom today, and we moved a lot of boxes and whatnot into the attic which cleared a lot of space. it feels like things are moving slowly, but we got a lot done in the last few days. i will post pictures when the painting is done and our house it put together (at least somewhat). :D

love you all and miss you tons. i hope that this blog is helping to bridge the distance and keep you all apart of our lives.

- l

Thursday, July 10, 2008

food frustrations

so "becoming 'wife'" has been interesting when it comes to cooking dinner. let me explain...
monday night: i thought chicken, rice, and broccoli mixed with teriyaki sauce sounded like a good meal. however, i forgot to defrost the chicken. luckily i can put frozen chicken on my george forman. :D unfortunately, dinner was not ready when chris got home from work. i was stressing because dinner wasn't ready at 7pm, and we had to be somewhere at 7:30. my loving husband calmed me down and helped me finish dinner. we didn't make it to the place by 7:30, but it wasn't a big deal, and it actually worked out better to be late.

tuesday night: it was really hot and i was tired...mac and cheese it was. cheryl, chris' mom, gave us a recipe book that is "101 things to do with mac and cheese." i thought i would get creative and try one. i found a casserole that sounded good, and i thought we had all the ingredients. so i begin... things were going well until i dropped the salt and pepper grinder into the milk/cheese mixture and ruined the salt and peppercorns in the grinder. then chris came home, dinner no where near being ready. i get ready to put the macaroni into the milk/cheese mixture, and i realize i made two boxes of mac and cheese but had not doubled anything else in the recipe. now i DON'T have enough ingredients. by now i'm so upset, i just start crying.
here i am trying to be a good wife by having a good meal cooked for my husband before he gets home from work. instead, we end up at walmart buying the rest of the ingredients to finish the meal. so remember when i was hot and tired, so that's why i chose mac and cheese for dinner. well, dummy me chose a recipe that required turning on the oven for 30+ minutes, which inevitably heated our entire house! the kicker of this whole thing was that i didn't really even like the meal. i had to doctor it up just to taste decent. luckily, chris liked it and has been eating all the left-overs. :D

wednesday: i wanted to try one last time to redeem myself. i talked to my mom to make sure i had the recipe right...i didn't. i got all the needed ingredients. and i made chicken al a king (sp.) it was actually good (one of my favorite meals). unfortunately, it needed some salt and pepper, but i ruined that the night before by dropping the grinder into the milk (and i forgot to get more at the store). well, you win some and you lose some. i'll get better. at least that's what i keep telling myself.

tonight: grilled chicken sandwhiches...easy and full proof...right? let's hope so! :D

when i was sharing these stories with my mom, she was laughing quite hard, and i couldn't help but laugh, too. in retrospect, it is pretty funny. but this whole "wife" thing takes some getting used to. i'm trying, and i think i'm doing pretty good (minus the dinners the last couple nights). :D

thanks for letting me share...hope it was humorous. if you have any suggestions, words of wisdom, or recipes - feel free to comment. :D


Monday, July 7, 2008


hey all,
sorry it's been so long since my last update...we have no internet at our house...so we have to go to the school or a near by hangout to get it.
we're starting to get settled. the living room is painted, although we haven't set it up yet. and pretty much everything is put away in the kitchen. the bedroom is next to be painted. :D
i got a job at Family Video (a movie rental store). it's such a blessing to have a job! :D chris is working 10+ hours at the radio station at school. he has his own show, "Cruisin' with Chris" from 5-7pm, monday through friday. and starting wednesday, he is working for TNT Fireworks for a couple weeks now that the fourth is over. talk about being blessed! hopefully startbuck's will be hiring again in august so he can start there before the school year starts. please be praying for that.
so on the 4th of July chris and i decided we wanted to bake a cake. don't know why, someone had just given us the mix and we felt like it. so we did, and it was the saddest cake you've ever seen! :D i took it out of the pan before it had cool, so it broke. so we ended up frosting an upside down, broken cake. but it was good and fun! i couldn't resist taking pics of it. :D just thought you would like to share in the cake-ing experience. we did eat some before taking these pics.
we miss you and love you all. please be keeping us in your prayers. i'll try to be better about posting. :D no promises though, ha!


funfetti frosting!

love you all,