Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

a couple of weeks ago was our spring break. we went to New Jersey with out friends, Sam and Sean. we went to Sam's parent's house. it was beautiful, and we had such a great time.

on monday, they took us around Sparta, NJ (where her parent's live). we saw the town, took some pictures, and had lots of fun.

all of us! (ephraim|photography)

love him.

sam and sean (ephraim|photography)


there was a lot of snow (those are benches) (e|p)

on tuesday, we relaxed a lot and stayed in our pj's most of the day. in the afternoon, we went sledding...sort of. the guys made a path in their backyard between some trees. so sean slid down. then sam slid down. then i slid down - right into a tree. that was the end of the sledding. i hit my leg so hard, i thought i broke it. i didn't, but i got a big cut, a swollen leg, and a nasty bruise.

on wednesday, i wrapped my leg up good and we headed into New York City. we went and saw Mary Poppins on Broadway - AMAZING! we did some site-seeing, then went to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. it was such an awesome experience.

the city view from central park at dusk (e|p)

c and i in front of rockefeller center

chris with 3 FDNY guys (we took this for his dad
who is a fire captain) (e|p)

in times square

chris - at the mother-ship :D (e|p)

thursday, we did some homework and relaxed a lot. sam's mom teaches a jazzercize class, so sam and i went to that while the boys stayed home and cooked dinner. it was DELICIOUS!

friday, we headed back to NYC to see everything we didn't get to see on wednesday. we went to the "top of the rock" (the top of the rockefellar center). we went down to wall street, saw ground zero, and went into a little church right next to ground zero.

lady liberty. (ephraim|photography)

the view from "the top of the rock" (e|p)


"wall st." obviously. (e|p)

empire state building (ephraim|photography)

saturday, sam, sean, chris, and i made the long (and sad) drive back to marion. we had so much fun, though. it was truly a relaxing week (even though we did a lot, too).

hope you enjoyed seeing our adventures.