Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Crossfit is a newfound love of mine. Crossfit is a workout that uses weights and functional movements. It looks super intense (and it can be), but I've really come to love it. In Crossfit, you do short, but very intense workouts. You work at max capacity for a short time to burn maximum calories. Sometimes, the workouts are only 7 minutes long - but, man, do you feel the burn?!

Our church has a gym, and a trainer in our church recently started offering Crossfit classes there. Chris and I started taking the classes, and it kicked our butts. I was sore for a week from one workout. Although it's challenging, I've really grown to love it. Over the last couple of years, I've done virtually the same workouts - DVDs, elliptical, walk/jog outside, and repeat. Crossfit is something new and different, and it makes me feel stronger and more fit.

I was hoping to get stronger and more toned by doing Crossfit, but I'm also hoping to continue to lose more weight by doing Crossfit. I wasn't really losing weight, so our trainer, Mike, challenged us to try doing Paleo to help lose the weight. (Paleo is a diet that many Crossfitters subscribe to - more on this in the next post). We've been following this diet plan, along with working out,  and we've been losing weight, which is just what I needed after being the same weight for the last 6 months. The Paleo diet has its challenges, but I'm so close to losing 100 pounds, that it's definitely worth it.

Originally, I was a bit nervous to try Crossfit. I was intimidated and wasn't sure that I could do it. However, I was also excited to try something new and challenge myself. Now, I really enjoy it, and I'm so glad I tried it. Crossfit is great because anyone can do it. All of the workouts can be modified so that anyone from an Olympic weight lifter, to a 70 year old grandma, to me can do it.

I totally recommend everyone to check it out - just give it a shot. It's not for everyone, but if you're competitive or just want to try something new, I highly recommend it! Hit me up with questions if you want to know more about Crossfit. Also, you can check out the Crossfit website at If you're in the San Diego area, be sure to check out

With love and lots of sweat,