Monday, June 16, 2014

Six Months

Not happy. 
Really not happy.
Not happy again.

6 Months – Half a Year Old!!!

Weight: 16lbs 15oz
Height: 26 inches long

Sleep: Sleep is great. Just after she turned 5 months, she started sleeping most of the night without a feeding, and usually waking once to find her pacifier. Then she started sleeping on her tummy, and she started sleeping through the night! Yay! We’ve entered the fighting every nap/bedtime stage. Not sure why, but she just keeps wiggling and moving and fighting going to sleep – even when she is exhausted. She may just be one of those kids that has to get every ounce of energy out of her system before she’ll settle down. But she does eventually calm down and goes to sleep.

Size/Diaper: She’s in 6-month clothes (some 6-9 month), and size 2 diapers.

Diet: Breast milk and formula, and she started solids! A little after she turned 5 months, we started her on rice cereal and pureed fruits and vegetables. Her first food was rice cereal. She wasn’t a big fan of it until I started mixing it with other foods. She loves eating her solid food, and I haven’t really found anything she doesn’t like. So far we’ve tried rice cereal, bananas (her fav), sweet potatoes, apples, avocados, carrots, apricots, and peaches.

Baby Gear Love: I love her high chair. It’s the Babies R Us brand plastic high chair. It was $20 and is super easy to use. It also folds up with a strap, so it can travel easily. I love that it fits under our table even when still attached to the chair.

Milestones/Firsts: She’s rolling all over the place and turns in circles on her tummy. She’s almost sitting on her own. She sits well when assisted, and is so close to sitting up on her own.
She’s also started eating solid foods and is a champ at it.

Likes/Dislikes: She’s not a fan of rice cereal by itself, so I mix it in with fruits and veggies, and she loves it. Her favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes, but she really seems to like everything she’s tried so far.
She likes sticking her feet in her mouth, and playing with her pacifier. She’s not a fan of being in her bouncy seat for very long. She also doesn’t like it when she can’t see one of us, so we try to stay in her line of sight.
She also seems to like when we use the ocean sounds on her noise machine when she goes to sleep. I think it’s calming and it drowns out all the other noises that come with having a dog and condo life.

Things I don’t want to forget: The way she opens her mouth and leans forward to get more food. The way she leans forward/sits up as I get her out of her car seat. The smile and coos she gives me when I walk into her room first thing in the morning. The way she squirms and moves when she fights her sleep. The little grunting sound she makes, that sounds like a monkey, when she’s excited.  The moment that she was sitting next to Chris, and they both looked up at me with the same big, beautiful eyes. It was crazy how alike they looked. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Addi's Nursery

So...I never posted photos of Addi's nursery. (I actually never posted photos of my baby showers, either, but that's for another post). I guess I felt like it was just never really finished (or picked up). There are couple of art pieces that still need to go on the walls, but I was never going to get this posted if I didn't just sit down and do it. So, again for nostalgia's sake, I thought I'd post some before and after pictures of Addi's nursery. And hopefully, I will get better about blogging stories and pictures when they actually happen, rather than 8 months after the fact.

Until then, here's the before, during, and after pictures of setting up Adelyn's room.




See - that only took me a whole 5 minutes to post. Why I couldn't get around to doing it months ago, I have no idea. :D

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