Wednesday, April 22, 2009

welcome to summer

the semester ended today! THANK GOODNESS.
normally during the last few weeks of the semester, i am just ready for it to end. by this semester...i NEEDED it to end for my physical and mental health! for example, i was constantly running from class to meetings to work to homework to group projects, etc. also, chris got about 4 hours of sleep sunday night, 3 hours monday night, and 7 last night. i got a little more than that, but not by much. let's just say it was just a really challenging semester...actually it was just plain hard. i did learn a lot...but i am so happy it is OVER! :D

i cannot believe we are SENIORS! it doesn't seem that long ago that we walked onto campus (with a lot of stuff), scared, yet confident, as freshmen. and now, we are on our last year of undergraduate. it's a good feeling. CRAZY, but a good feeling. i know this next year is going to FLY by. we are so excited to keep moving forward and seeing what God has in store over the next year and beyond!

we are trying to enjoy life (although school sometimes gets in the way of that). ha. but we are having fun together! can not believe it is almost a year since our wedding (11 months tomorrow - the 23rd). even with the lows - the highs are so amazing and i can't wait to create more memories together.

we have quite a few friends getting married this summer (which will be fun) and two of the couples will be living in Marion this summer. so we will have TONS of fun together...YAY for married friends! :D *side note: that is something we have totally missed out here. not having really strong Christian married couples who understand where we are at. we have amazing friends who are so supportive, here and back home, but it will be so nice to have friends (in the same town) who are married and in similar situations. thank you, LORD!*

so i know this is a bit long, but it has been quite a while since my last post - you know - busy with the semester and all. :D

i plan to blog a lot more this summer. i really love to write and this is such a great way to update about our lives.

now, with the semester finished and the papers and projects behind us -