Thursday, July 22, 2010



meet Ace -

he is a pit bull mix. we think he has lab and boxer in him, but we aren't totally sure. he is 5 months old, a biter, pees a lot, very cute, and we LOVE him!

how we got him:
my birthday was on saturday, and chris surprised me with him. chris went to the pound on thursday and he adopted Ace. he had to be neutered, so we add to wait all weekend. finally on tuesday, we were able to go pick him up from the pet hospital.

the first day was a little rough. he peed at least 4-5 times IN the house. by the afternoon we got him on a very strict schedule of going outside every 1/2 hour. this helped a lot. it's the second day and he has only peed 2 in the house - and it was on hard surfaces. PROGRESS!

he likes to bite. we think it is just to play and get our attention. he doesn't seem like he's doing it to be mean, but it still hurts. so we are trying to nip that little issue in the bud.

he seems like a fast learner, but he is still very puppy and is still getting used to us (and vise versa).

we have wanted a puppy for a very long time, and we are so excited to finally have him as a part of our family.

the experience:
adopting a dog is nothing like adopting a child, but there was still this anticipation of another being joining our family. the weekend seemed to drag on FOREVER. we worked on the yard on saturday to get it ready for an inspection (we ended up not needing to be inspected because we are outside of the county), but it felt like we were preparing the house for him. we went shopping (multiple trips) to get a collar, leash, food/water bowls, toys, treats, food, bed, etc. we couldn't wait for this little guy to come home. by monday - we were ready for him to be here.

tuesday we went to get him and it was very exciting! we had a bit of a drive and he sat in my lap in the front seat for about half of it. he just wanted to be with us. :D

it took him awhile to get used to us and to the new place. he is still adjusting, but things are getting better. the first night we had him chris said how crazy it is that he hasn't done anything (except pee on our carpet) and we love him. we just do. we love him because he's him and because he's ours.

like i said - getting a dog is not the same as having or adopting a child, but i think the same principle applies - we love him - and he didn't do a thing to deserve that love. also reminds me of God's love for me - i don't deserve it, but he loves me because i am his. end of story.

so needless to say, this pup is teaching us a lot. he is teaching us love and patience. he is exposing us to what it will be like to have kids. he is so cute and lovable and all you want to do is roll around on the floor with him. it's only been 2 days, but it has been quite an experience.

love -
Lauren, Chris, and Ace

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


this is just a quick post to ask you all for prayer.

i found out from Starbucks yesterday that it doesn't look like they have any job openings. so i am back to looking for a job. i have some applications in around town, but nobody has called yet.

also, chris is still trying to figure out his whole job and how everything works. it's stressful trying to figure things out as you are doing them.

so please pray for us as we continue this new journey and as we seek what the Lord has in store for us.