Wednesday, July 7, 2010


this is just a quick post to ask you all for prayer.

i found out from Starbucks yesterday that it doesn't look like they have any job openings. so i am back to looking for a job. i have some applications in around town, but nobody has called yet.

also, chris is still trying to figure out his whole job and how everything works. it's stressful trying to figure things out as you are doing them.

so please pray for us as we continue this new journey and as we seek what the Lord has in store for us.


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HARVEY said...

I will add you both to my prayer list. I didn't realize that you didn't have a job yet, Lauren.
Also, will pray that Chris will have the direction he needs from his lead pastor and from the Lord to give him peace in the challenges of his new position. This really is Aunt Rae, not Harvey.