Saturday, January 19, 2013


Lately, I've been obsessed with words. I've been reading books - all kinds of books - like a fiend. I just want to consume words. Words in books, words in a song, talking to friends, meeting over coffee, connecting via texting, writing notes, journaling, blogging, even writing the obituary for my husband's grandpa with family around the table. I just want to use words. 

As many of you know, I'm a talker. So, this whole "words" thing may not be much of a surprise. But it's more than just speaking. It's seeing the words, reading, hearing, understanding. 

Even the absence of words has been fascinating me. Using the body to communicate. Watching a deaf couple signing. Dancing in our church's Christmas production. Feeling the need to move and dance during worship rather than only singing the words. The way it feels to express my feelings through movement rather than actual words. 

Or the other kind of absence of words. Not having any words to say. My lack of words when I hear that my friends baby is not developing properly. Not knowing what to say to comfort my husband when his grandpa passed away. No words. Sometimes it's good not to say anything. Sometimes It's good to just be quiet and let the silence speak. 

Silence. No words. Not saying anything, but sitting quietly, listening for the word of The Lord. His quiet whisper. Even, it seems, The Lord is silent sometimes. Teaching us to be quiet and wait. 

Every year, I choose a word for the year. I really pray about this word, and what The Lord wants to teach me through that word. Ironically, I don't have a word for 2013 yet. In fact, I had completely forgot about it until about a week ago. I don't know what word to have this year, which seems funny considering my recent fascination/obsession with words. I'm thinking my word for this year might be thankfulness or gratefulness. A lot has happened over the last month or so. Some difficult things. Things that I don't want to be grateful for. I recently started the "One Thousand Gifts" devotional, and its reminding me, teaching me, the importance of being thankful even when things are hard. 

Maybe my word for 2013 should be "word." This would encompass all words. My words, other's words, the Word. Maybe. 

I'm not sure what my word will be - but words are great, wonderful, powerful, meaningful, even hurtful at times. I want a word that stirs something in me to be better, to grow in my relationship with The Lord. In my relationship with my husband. In my relationships with friends. Even with strangers. 

So maybe WORD will be my word this year. (And one of the words I will focus on will be thankfulness). :D