Wednesday, June 4, 2008

becoming "wife"

hello, friends.
i'm now Mrs. Snider. (although my lisence has not been changed yet).
we got back from the honeymoon on monday. we had such a good time.
we went to the carribbean on a 7 day cruise. we went to a different
island everyday: St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua,
and St. Kitts. SO AWESOME. we went snorkelling in barbados and saw
sea turtles, fish, and a shipwreck. then we swam in the most beautiful
water on the most beautiful beach...*BIG SMILE* :D

now that we're home, being married is becoming more of a reality.
we're still in the excited gitty mode. we love saying things, like:
"hello husband" and "i need to talk to my hubby first." :D i love
talking to him as we're going to sleep, and waking up next to him
in the mornings. :D sometimes i feel like this is NEVER going to
get old, and i hope it doesn't. i feel like a joined a special club
that every knows about, yet nobody really knows it exists. :D

sometimes i don't feel a whole lot different from the way i felt before
May 23, 2008. but every day i am enjoying learning how to become a wife.
how to love and be there for my husband. how to respect, submit to,
consult with him, and make important decisions (and not so important
decisions) with him.

it's all a learning process and a growing experience that will never end!

here are some pics from the wedding and the honeymoon:

tralfagar falls in Dominica

formal night


beach in antigua

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Paige said...

at first i typed in your old blog address and it said that was no longer a blog. then i saw the "s" from facebook!

love you! love these pictures:) love you and chris together. love our friendship:) love panera's baked potato soup!! (but don't worry, i love you more!)