Monday, July 7, 2008


hey all,
sorry it's been so long since my last update...we have no internet at our we have to go to the school or a near by hangout to get it.
we're starting to get settled. the living room is painted, although we haven't set it up yet. and pretty much everything is put away in the kitchen. the bedroom is next to be painted. :D
i got a job at Family Video (a movie rental store). it's such a blessing to have a job! :D chris is working 10+ hours at the radio station at school. he has his own show, "Cruisin' with Chris" from 5-7pm, monday through friday. and starting wednesday, he is working for TNT Fireworks for a couple weeks now that the fourth is over. talk about being blessed! hopefully startbuck's will be hiring again in august so he can start there before the school year starts. please be praying for that.
so on the 4th of July chris and i decided we wanted to bake a cake. don't know why, someone had just given us the mix and we felt like it. so we did, and it was the saddest cake you've ever seen! :D i took it out of the pan before it had cool, so it broke. so we ended up frosting an upside down, broken cake. but it was good and fun! i couldn't resist taking pics of it. :D just thought you would like to share in the cake-ing experience. we did eat some before taking these pics.
we miss you and love you all. please be keeping us in your prayers. i'll try to be better about posting. :D no promises though, ha!


funfetti frosting!

love you all,

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