Thursday, July 10, 2008

food frustrations

so "becoming 'wife'" has been interesting when it comes to cooking dinner. let me explain...
monday night: i thought chicken, rice, and broccoli mixed with teriyaki sauce sounded like a good meal. however, i forgot to defrost the chicken. luckily i can put frozen chicken on my george forman. :D unfortunately, dinner was not ready when chris got home from work. i was stressing because dinner wasn't ready at 7pm, and we had to be somewhere at 7:30. my loving husband calmed me down and helped me finish dinner. we didn't make it to the place by 7:30, but it wasn't a big deal, and it actually worked out better to be late.

tuesday night: it was really hot and i was tired...mac and cheese it was. cheryl, chris' mom, gave us a recipe book that is "101 things to do with mac and cheese." i thought i would get creative and try one. i found a casserole that sounded good, and i thought we had all the ingredients. so i begin... things were going well until i dropped the salt and pepper grinder into the milk/cheese mixture and ruined the salt and peppercorns in the grinder. then chris came home, dinner no where near being ready. i get ready to put the macaroni into the milk/cheese mixture, and i realize i made two boxes of mac and cheese but had not doubled anything else in the recipe. now i DON'T have enough ingredients. by now i'm so upset, i just start crying.
here i am trying to be a good wife by having a good meal cooked for my husband before he gets home from work. instead, we end up at walmart buying the rest of the ingredients to finish the meal. so remember when i was hot and tired, so that's why i chose mac and cheese for dinner. well, dummy me chose a recipe that required turning on the oven for 30+ minutes, which inevitably heated our entire house! the kicker of this whole thing was that i didn't really even like the meal. i had to doctor it up just to taste decent. luckily, chris liked it and has been eating all the left-overs. :D

wednesday: i wanted to try one last time to redeem myself. i talked to my mom to make sure i had the recipe right...i didn't. i got all the needed ingredients. and i made chicken al a king (sp.) it was actually good (one of my favorite meals). unfortunately, it needed some salt and pepper, but i ruined that the night before by dropping the grinder into the milk (and i forgot to get more at the store). well, you win some and you lose some. i'll get better. at least that's what i keep telling myself.

tonight: grilled chicken sandwhiches...easy and full proof...right? let's hope so! :D

when i was sharing these stories with my mom, she was laughing quite hard, and i couldn't help but laugh, too. in retrospect, it is pretty funny. but this whole "wife" thing takes some getting used to. i'm trying, and i think i'm doing pretty good (minus the dinners the last couple nights). :D

thanks for letting me share...hope it was humorous. if you have any suggestions, words of wisdom, or recipes - feel free to comment. :D



Tim Luckey said...

mmmmm grilled cheese :D

Paige said...

I DEFINITELY got a kick out of this! Glad you can laugh in retrospect! :)

Miss you. Seriously. Lots.

Glad to be able to witness your treck into becoming a domestic goddess. One day you'll be sharing these stories with your daughter :)

Awww, sentamental moment.

Call when you can. Praying, loving, and thinking of you!

Brooke said...

Oh Lauren! This is why I don't cook ;-)

My only advice is to have a 'back up plan' quick food in the freezer! WM has some cheap chicken strips that you just throw in the microwave and are very yummy! Ask me how I know!

Jerolyn Bogear said...

I laughed so hard because you brought back so many memories of my own cooking fiascos. Remember, I'm the one who canned about 10 pints of applesauce using salt instead of sugar and put so many jalepenos and red pepper in the goulash that we had to douse it in ketchup for flavor. We all have a learning curve, and thankfully newly married love is forgiving.

Kiley Skor said...

Oh, sweetie, the stories I can tell...I was a really good cook until we got married and it was like it all just flew out my ears. The FIRST time I tried french fries I set the kitchen on fire (like use up the fire extinguisher and sit outside for 45 minutes while the smoke clears and then spend a week cleaning the ENTIRE kitchen, ceiling included because of the extreme smoke was a parsonage and not even owned by the church, just rented). The SECOND time I decided to play it safe by just baking the french fries on a cookie sheet and cremated them into charcoal...though I didn't actually start a fire then. I let DQ boy cook them now. Duh...don't know what I was thinking. As for the other new wife cooking experiences, let me just say, I NEVER make stuffed baked potatoes anymore :).