Monday, July 14, 2008

a locked door, an air conditioner, and a 10 foot antenna

a story from the snider home:
Chris and i went to dinner and grocery shopping saturday night. when we came back to the house we realized that we didn't have a house key. (the key ring we had didn't have either of our house keys. the keys were on our other two key rings. yes, we have three key rings). anyway, luckily, chris had just installed a window air conditioner, but he had not bolted it to the window. so he opened the window, and pulled out the air conditioner. unfortunately, the window was too high for either of us to climb into, and we didn't have anything to stand on. we could see the keys on the kitchen counter, but we couldn't reach them.

my husband to the rescue...he remembered he had a CB radio antenna in his bronco (and we DID have the bronco keys). so he went and got the 10 FOOT LONG ANTENNA! so imagine if you will, both of us standing on the outside of out house, our air conditioner on the ground, holding a very long antenna, attempting to fish out our keys. HE GOT THEM. chris hooked the key ring onto the antenna and pulled out the keys.

it was such a funny experience. it took chris a while to actually hook the key ring because we would just start laughing. :D

as far as the house is going...we are progressing. i started painting our bedroom today, and we moved a lot of boxes and whatnot into the attic which cleared a lot of space. it feels like things are moving slowly, but we got a lot done in the last few days. i will post pictures when the painting is done and our house it put together (at least somewhat). :D

love you all and miss you tons. i hope that this blog is helping to bridge the distance and keep you all apart of our lives.

- l


Paige said...

LOVE the new picture!!!

And of course the story : ) Extremely entertaining!

Happy birthday best friend!!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that part in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride where the pirates are locked in the jail cell trying to coax the pupply holding the keys to come to them? that's what this blog reminded me of! So funny! Great ingenuity, Chris!