Saturday, May 23, 2009

one year ago, today...

...i married my best friend. 

i can't believe it has been an entire year. wow! time has flown by, and i know it will continue to keep moving fast. we have really enjoyed the beginning of this journey, called marriage. yes, there have been rough times, especially with school and being far away from home and whatnot, but we really do love being married. 
let me just tell you about the man i married. he is the sweet, caring, romantic, hansom, thoughtful, smart, understanding, hilarious, witty, sexy, loving....i could go on...
basically, i love him a lot! i've hear old couples say that they love their spouses more now than they did the day they got married. i always wondered how that i know. i know because i have fallen more in love with my husband every day for the last 365 days...and i know i will keep falling in love with him.  

thanks for letting me brag about the man i love. happy anniversary, chris. i love you more today than the day i married you! :D

here are some pics of our first year together:

the beginning of our journey (May 23, 2008)

road trip, moving out to indiana (6/08)

chicago (8/08)

halloween (10/08)

6 month anniversary/thanksgiving (11/08)

our first Christmas (12/08)

making cookies over spring break (3/09)

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