Saturday, May 23, 2009

introducing: the Hawaiian Bacon Teriyaki Burger

last night, for dinner, my husband made me his Hawaiian bacon teriyaki burgers (adapted from his dad's teriyaki burgers). They were DELICIOUS! i told chris that the burgers deserved their own post on the blog - he agreed. 
basically, (without giving away any secrets), these burgers are a combination of flavors of pineapple, teriyaki, hamburger, bacon, and a special secret ingredient. they are delicious and juicy. mmmm. chris brought his little grill to grill them on (hence the picture with the fire in it). 
(p.s. chris took the menu-worthy pictures of his creation). :D

grillin' the burgers (mouth watering)

yummmm.....(this should be on a menu)

we ate outside on the deck...
beyond those houses is the ocean

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LizRice! said...

wow,Lauren,the 2nd 2 pics look like they are from a magazine! Very nice camera work! And, very nice chef work, as well....making my mouth water....

Happy Anniversary, and Anniversary Trip!