Friday, May 22, 2009

let it begin

We made it! We are in Flagler Beach, Florida about 30 minutes north of Datona.

We got here around 9 am, unloaded the car and CRASHED. We were so exhausted. We left our house around 3:30pm yesterday, made a few stops, and really started cruising around 4:15pm. Chris drove most of the way…I got the 3am-5am shift. :D it was good, though. I enjoyed driving and letting him sleep. (By the way…singing songs from musicals and tv show theme songs helps to keep you awake. Ha.)

At about 5, chris took back over the driving. We got some Starbucks and breakfast and kept on driving. It was a long drive, but it went surprisingly quickly. Glad to finally be here.

            My favorite part of the drive, though, was this morning. It was sunrise and we had just entered Florida. We were driving down a tree-lined road, coffee in hand, rain pouring down the windshield, and Shane and Shane music playing. It was such a worshipful time. I love the sunrise. This wasn’t your classic pink clouds, sun coming up over the ocean – sunrise. But it was the simple dawning of day. Light breaking through. It was peaceful. Relaxing. A feeling of being close to the Lord. It was so nice - I had to capture the moment. :D

So…we are here. We slept for a while. Then went shopping for some supplies and food. It’s been raining off and on, and has been gloomy all day. The temperature is nice…but I would LOVE some SUNSHINE! :D  


I will continue to update more as the week goes on. And will be adding more pictures. For now…here are some pictures of the trip down here. check out facebook for more pictures. i'm off to eat my husband's Hawaiian bacon teriyaki burgers!

the traditional profile pic that i always take on road trips              

excited to start our trip      

welcome to KENTUCKY


sun setting in kentucky

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