Friday, May 29, 2009

fun facts

we are home. 2 days of driving for 8+ hours (with stops) and we are home. 
we stopped in Louisville for a few hours to hang out with a friend from school, nate. he just graduated and is doing an internship for the college ministry at Southeast Christian Church. (it's a huge church and their facilities are amazing!). we went to dinner with him and talked awhile before hitting the road again.

so here are some fun facts from our 1 year anniversary trip:

- from marion, indiana to flagler beach, florida, there are 53+ waffle house restaurants (yes, we counted - it was a long drive)
- we went to target 6 times (2x in one day).
- sometimes, when there are storms near the beach, the ocean creates a moat like thing between the ocean and the beach. we had to cross the moat (about thigh high) to get to the actual ocean.
- florida has huge face-eating (sort of) flying creatures that look like a cross between a cricket and a grasshopper. freaked me out everytime!
- these face-eating bugs are especially scary when lying in bed in a dark room watching tv and one jumps onto your shoulder - yes, this happened to me. there was screaming and running and freaking out. animal control (aka. my husband) was called and took care of this ungodly creature.
- we ate mcdonalds twice in a 24 hour period - enjoyed it - then regretted it as we were making our way to the restroom. 
- starbucks employees are quite nice at 5 o'clock in the morning
- mcdonalds employees at 5 o'clock in the morning are lucky to be employed when they fall asleep between the time they tell you the total and the time you hand them your money. (actually happened - she fell asleep as chris was handing her the money - and she got our order completely wrong!)
- chris' little bbq is so awesome - it doesn't heat up very hot, so it slow cooks the meat to perfection
- my husband is a stud chef
- you can never take too many silly pictures under a lamp post (see facebook album)
- and last, but not least, driving 30+ hours round trip, eating more than our body weight in one week, taking tons of pictures, and celebrating our one-year anniversary is one adventure we will never forget!



Paige said...

SO FUN!!! So glad you guys have those memories! Can't wait to SEE YOU! Now that we're both home we should set up a Skype/phone date!!!

Jerolyn Bogear said...


LizRice! said...

well said, Lauren!! well documented anniversary trip, all the way around, and you are going to LOVE going back over these pics, and your blog, for EVER to come.

loved your pics (eSpecially the ones under the lamp), and your blogging.

carry on.