Friday, January 23, 2009

"Beautiful Day"

this semester, i am taking a psychology class called, Positive Psychology. This class focuses on optimism and resilience - instead of focusing on negative aspects of psychology such as abnormal behavior, etc. of the aspects of positive psychology is "treating" clients in "positive" ways. For example, have them create and have a beautiful day or write a letter of gratitude (and reade it) to a person who has impacted you. In the class, we have to do these things as assignments, and today is my "BEAUTIFUL DAY."

i planned out things that i wanted to do that i enjoyed. i slept in a little longer. Chris and i made waffles this morning. we went out to lunch. i'm going to play wii after this...etc. it is about purposefully doing things that you enjoy, and really savoring them. letting that bite of ice cream float around in your mouth, noticing the smell in the air, really engaging in what you are doing. so far it has been good.

now, i still have to go to class and work - and my class today (and other homework i had to do) was not so beautiful, but i still have to take the good with the bad. and the bad can help me better appreciate the good.

i have been thinking that this "Beautiful Day" idea is a lot like a Sabbath. it is a time of rest, enjoyment, savoring the moment, appreciating the things and moments in your life. even though we all should be taking a Sabbath weekly, i think i am also going to have a "Beautiful Day" every month. a time where i am extra intentional about what i am doing. a time when i do things i enjoy to relax, rest, and recuperate.

i'm also trying to think of a different name for this "beautiful day." the term "beautiful day" works well, but that is what the positive psychologists call it, and i thought i would try to come up with a name for MY beautiful day. if you have any ideas, post a comment with your ideas.

also, i would encourage you to try having your own "beautiful day." your "beautiful day" can look like however you want it to. go to lunch with a friend, go to the park with your family, play games with your spouse, stay in bed all day long, go somewhere all by yourself. whatever you want to do...just be intentional about it, and savor it. and don't get upset if your day doesn't go perfectly. my plans had to change due to other circumstances, but i'm still savoring and appreciating the moments. i am having a "Beautiful Day."


p.s. the weather has made my "beautiful day" better. it warmed up a bit and is nice and sunny. however, i think it's kind of sad that i am happy that it is 38 degrees. ha. :D


Jerolyn Bogear said...

Great post, Baby. Here's my thought on your beautiful day name. "Rupert Time" Since your name in the womb was Rupert, and that was when you were most purely you. No external influences, no responsibilities, and it was warm and cozy, too. A beautiful day is going back to who you really are and what you love doing.

Love you bunches!!! Mom

Brooke said...

I need a babysitter for part of my beautiful day. And some cash.

<3 :D