Saturday, February 7, 2009

C6 Youth Group

hey all - i just wanted to show off the kids in my youth group a bit. :D i love these guys so much! they are so great!!! the youth group is called C6, which stands for class 6. the whole idea is that in white water rafting, there are 6 levels, or classes. class 6 is the highest, most dangerous level. that is how we want our youth to live for Christ - at the highest, most dangerous level. we want them to LIVE DANGEROUSLY for the Lord.
(chris created the above logo for the youth group).

the first set of pictures are from our superbowl party at the youth pastor, Kaleb's, house.
the second set of pictures are some i took this past fall.

part of the group watching the game

claire (left) and alissa (right) are two other
youth leaders who also go to IWU

us :D

jamie and jacb is next to her

left to right: devina, ashley, and preston
(ashley and preston are dating) :D

left to right: preston, daniel, and chris

playing a game called British Bulldog.
devina is hard core!!!

the gang!


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Paige said...

Yey! I love that you're loving your group :) I really love the logo too- pass that on to Chris. I really miss you and love you! Let's try to keep in contact better, k? Also loved our "beautiful day" post as well. Really such an amazing idea. I feel like I've had those experiences since being in SA and slowing down... such a rejuvenation. :)