Thursday, January 1, 2009

where do we go from here?

happy new year 2009...
one of my new year's resolutions - TAKE MORE PICTURES!
yes, that's right, i spent 2 weeks in CA and didn't take ANY pictures. maybe Paige is right - i don't document my life. :D

regardless of the extreme lack of pictures, we had a great time! seeing family and friends, cookie day, Christmas, shopping, party at the Jennings, more shopping, NOT DOING DISHES! :D it was wonderful.

we came home on the 29th. our flight was much better coming back to IN than it was going. let's just say that our flight from IN to Chicago is supposed to be about 45 min., and we were on the plane for 4 hours.
it was weird coming back. none of our friends our back, we don't live in a dorm, and school isn't starting for another couple of days. we have been filling our time with watching "House" and playing our new Wii. :D
to be honest, it was actually quite lonely to come back. i don't even want to say that we came "home" because it doesn't feel like home. we have been very homesick since we've been back, and have just been unsure of where God is leading us, now and in the future.
i know things will get better once school starts and we're too busy to be homesick. but, at the same time, i don't want to just fill our lives with noise. i may be trying to tune out the homesickness, but i don't want to tune out God.

please pray for us as we seek God's will for our lives and as we grow closer to our Lord.



Anonymous said...

wow Lauren, thanks for sharing your heart's honest feelings....I can imagine these days must make you feel VeRY homesick. And, you are so wise to ask for prayer to not "fill it with noise"....and pray I will.

Love you guys!


Paige said...

LOVE you, Lauren! I am sorry you're homesick :( Soooo soon things will change! Realize your purpose there and soon you will be here with a new purpose :) I'm sad we didn't get to catch up a ton cuz I had to leave. :( Miss YOU friend!!!

(good choice on your resolutions!;))