Saturday, April 26, 2008

less than a month away

hello friends,
27 days to go until the wedding...can you believe it?
so you may have noticed that i changed the title of my blog. this is mainly due to the fact that i am out of school and work for the summer, and my wedding plans are pretty much what my life is revolving around at this point. This, i might add, is absolutly okay with me. i love being home, and it's makes it so much easier to help plan the wedding - as opposed to being over 2,000 miles away.
wedding plans are going well. mom and i are going to be doing some shopping on monday and tuesday for centerpieces and my attire. we are meeting with the florist on monday night to finalize the flowers for the wedding. things are coming together. i can't believe it's less than a month away!
Chris is not home yet. he is driving back from school with Brian Rice, and they won't be home until tuesday or wednesday. i miss him, but i am enjoying spending time with my family and just relaxing after a crazy semester.

i was reading a blog that brooke odgers had recommened on her blog. it is a story of a little baby, named Audrey Caroline, who lived a short life but made a HUGE impact on those who have heard her story. just hearing Angie (audrey's mom), write about her struggles and her experiences, she has inspired me to go deeper in the Lord and continue to trust and rely on Him, for and in EVERYTHING! if you want to read this amazing, yet sad, story, here is the link:

love you all,

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