Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shatford Staff End of the Year Bash!

The Shatford staff had an end of the year bash (as the title already stated :D). we went to Texas Road House for lunch...mmm...so good. then we went back to Aletheia's (RD) apartment. we had desert and we each got a gift. all of us got a picture frame to put a pic of our staff in and we each got a different children's book. so fun...here are a few pics of our adventure! :D

at lunch

oh, Candice

candice and i

aletheia, sam, and andrea
we're an alcohol free group - really, we are. :D

lindsey, kati, andrea, sam, and jenalee

candice and abbi - spooning

here is a slideshow i put together for our last house meeting. these are the beautiful girls i got to live with, work with, and do life with this year, and some of the crazy things we did.
it's not the best quality and the transitions between pictures aren't working properly, but you can get the idea. :D

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