Sunday, April 29, 2012


I realized I never really shared where I got the idea to post my stats every week. Well, allow me to introduce you to Leah. She's an old church friend of mine thats on her own weight loss journey. I highly recommend you check out her blog, Nesting Doll, right now! She's on round 2 of losing over 100 pounds, and she's doing amazing! She's a great writer and really funny, and her blog really encourages me on my journey! Every week, she does "Weigh in Wednesdays." She posts her stats and lists her goals and how she's doing on her journey. This is where I got the idea to start posting my stats every week. Posting my stats gives me a sense of accountability, and it helps me to make good decisions during the week because I know that at the end of the week I've got to post my stats for all to see. 

So here they are for this week: 
Last Week's Weight: 183.2
Current Weight: 184.4
Goal Weight: 150
Weeks Left: 11

As you can see, I gained a pound. I let myself splurge a lot this past week because I was on "vacation" while my mom was visiting, and I wasn't consistently exercising. I actually gained more than 1 pound, but I lost it in the last few days. I've struggled to get back in an exercise routine, but I worked out today (and I NEVER work out on Sundays). I'm also planning this week to start eating more strictly. It's a sacrifice, but I need to be strict if I want to lose the weight. So I'll let you know how that goes. 

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! ;-). I'm with you on the splurging. I've been taught as long as you adhere 90% of the time you should progress toward your goal. Look at you! ;-D. After my last pregnancy and miscarriage, the cravings were literally killing me and I gave in to lots that I hadn't touched (gluten & dairy free of course) and now it back to the grind and some back-tracking and refocusing. You can do this- I believe in you!!! ;) with you on this journey. ~Kathy Markle