Tuesday, August 12, 2008


kim anderson arts

ever had those friends that do amazing things? they may be simple things, but you think they are amazing? well i do. some write, some act, some sing, some take pictures, some dance, some study and understand the Word well, some raise families...
these are the ones who inspire me. not necessarily the "great" ones such as celebrities, politicians, world leaders, talk show hosts, etc. - these people can be very inspiring, but i'm talking about those people that are not famous - that don't do what they do for fame and fortune, but simply because it's what they love - it's their passion - the desire in their very being that God has placed within them.
i want that desire, that passion. i want to use the gifts God has given me. i want to develop the gifts i use often, and work on the ones that often are forgotten. i want to develop my creativity. strengthen my weaknesses and use my strengths. i want to do things not for fame and fortune, but because i love them. and maybe, just maybe - whether through my words, actions, creativity, or gifts - i can be an inspiration.

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Jerolyn Bogear said...

Love this post. Great writing, Sweetheart. I totally agree. You've inspired me since you were born.

Love what you did with the masthead too. great photoshopping, girl.