Saturday, August 2, 2008


the three cousins and their husbands :D

left to right: aubrey (cousin), dan, beverly (aunt),
evie, dave (uncle), grandma, campbell, chase,
grandpa, amy (cousin), and mitch

Chase and Campbell


Evie (Evelyn) and Dan (her dad)

being so far from home, it's good to see family whenever possible.
well, chris and i got a BIG dose of family this weekend.

my uncle (dad's oldest bro), aunt, cousin/her husband/2 kids, and other cousin/her husband/i kid - all came to my grandparents house last night. today was the Soultz (grandma's family) family reunion (that they have every year). :D our group hung out at grandma and grandpa's last night, then today we went to the reunion together. you see, grandma is one of twelve kids (only two have passed away) the reunion consisted of about 90-100 people who were all related to each other in one way or another. talk about good home cooking. MMM. :D

after, we went down to the park and took some pics (mostly of the kids) and then some of the family.

i really enjoyed seeing family again and chris met some of them for the first time. he seemed to enjoy himself, too. (for the most part) ;D

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