Tuesday, February 19, 2008

lazer gun, Target, and 4 hours?

what happens when you combine a lazer gun (scanner), Target, and 4 hours?
a LONG day of REGISTERING! :D yes, chris and i spent 4 hours registering at Target on saturday.
it was fun, but by the end we were so done walking around the store, looking at house decor, kitchen gadgets, and bedding! it's just nice to have that done. but we still had a fun time.
we took our camera and even carried it around with us all day, yet failed to take ANY pictures. we really need to step it up in that department! :D
on saturday it will be 3 months to go until the wedding! time is FLYING! i'm so excited because my bridal shower is in 10 DAYS! :D i am so ready for spring break. however, i don't think it's going to be much of a break since we have SO much wedding stuff to do!
stay tuned for more exciting adventures as we work our way through the craziness of planning a wedding!

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