Tuesday, June 5, 2012

slowly, but surely

So I finally started losing again. It's slow and only a couple of pounds, but it's a loss. I realized that part of the reason I wasn't losing is because I was splurging too often. It's one thing to have a piece of dark chocolate every now and then, but to have some sort of sweets every day (even within my calorie limit) was not helping things. Plus, I would lose, and then go celebrate some thing or go to a party or something, and end up gaining the weight back. I'm working on not splurging and really watching my calories at parties and events. It's easy to justify poor eating when it's for a special occasion, but when those special occasions happen often, it makes it hard to lose weight. 

Here are my current stats:

Last Weigh In: 181.6
Current Weight: 178.8
Goal Weight: 150
Weeks Left: 6

I'd really like to get to 175 this week. We're going to Vegas with our families for my sister's softball tournament, so we'll see how strong my will-power is with all the buffets. :D According to the BMI chart, 175 (for my height) puts me into the "overweight" category and out of the "obese" category. This is a big step, and I'd really like to get there soon.

Until the next weigh in...

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