Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my journey (so far) in pictures

I recently realized that I hadn't ever posted any pictures of myself during this weight loss journey. So I went back through old pictures to find some to share. Let's just say, some pictures almost brought me to tears because of how big I am in them. It's amazing how I was able to convince myself how I thought I looked. Now, looking back, I was very big and extremely unhealthy. I'm so blessed to be where I am today - losing weight and getting healthier.

So here they are. Sorry, I forgot to take an actual "before" picture when I started losing weight in October 2010, so I found some from earlier in 2010.

Our wedding, 5.23.08. I can't remember my exact weight, but I think I was about 260 lbs and my dress was a size 24.

Trip to Mendocino, CA, May 2010. About 260 lbs.

Paige's Wedding, 1.8.11. 235 lbs. (Liz Wang Photography)

Shay and Haley's Wedding, 5.27.11. 224 lbs.

Mud Run, October 2011. About 216 lbs.

Valentine's Date, 2.12.12. 199-200 lbs.


Leah said...

Hi Lauren

I noticed your weight loss in a few pictures but did not know you had a blog! I appreciate you reading mine, it is helpful to have support, although I am inclined to hide under rocks when the going gets tough. Hopefully the blog will help me be more accountable. I actually think I could use you as a "guest blogger" not this Wednesday but next Wednesday? If you want to share your story and some trials and triumphs? That kind of thing? You should be proud of yourself and it would be nice to help each other out. Let me know what you think. Great job!

Jerolyn Bogear said...

You look amazing. I can't believe the difference since Thanksgiving. So proud of you and all your hard work.

Love you,