Sunday, April 3, 2011

Haley's shower

last weekend, Haley's bridesmaids from IWU and I threw her an intimate bridal shower, so that she could celebrate with her school friends that likely won't make it to the wedding.

we had a blast and lots of laughs.

here are some pictures from the day.

some delicious food...

we had a potluck desert table (actually 2 tables).
lots of people brought snacks and deserts - we
had way too much food, but it was all delicious!

one of Haley's bridesmaids, Anne, made this
framed picture - so creative and gorgeous.
this was Anne's flower arrangement, too.

i made this 'B' our of tissue paper flowers.
i got the idea and the DIY tutorial from
how to make the little flowers.

cake pops! check out my last post where i shared
how to make these delicious pops of yumminess.
then check out my next post for some more yummy
pop pics.

we played a game where Haley had to answer
questions about Shay. if she got a question
wrong, she had to hold a marshmallow in her
mouth. it was hilarious (maybe not for Haley,
but it was for the rest of us).

another game.

lots of laughs!

group picture.

and of course, the silly pose.

me and my (almost) sister.

me, Haley, and sam. (sam was a bridesmaid in
my wedding).

Haley and her Indiana bridesmaids.

thanks, Haley, for letting us shower you. i'm so excited and blessed that you will be my sister. i can't wait until May 27th, when you get to marry my brother! love you, Hales.


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