Tuesday, November 3, 2009

snider news

hello all -
i know it has been a while, but here i am again.

Chris and i are doing well - keeping very busy! senior year is trekking right along. (i can't believe it is already November!!!)

i suppose the biggest news right now is that Chris is officially done with Starbucks! whoop! whoop! :D he just started last week at Tree of Life (TOL), the Christian bookstore and cafe that i work at. for now he is only working through Christmas, but we are hoping that our boss will decide to keep him on through the end of the school year - please be praying for us about this.

in other news - my mom and dad's book, Faith Legacy, was released at the beginning of October. we are all very excited about it! they are doing some promo for it this week - a radio show, book signing, tv spot, etc. and they are doing it in IN, so we get to see them this week. in fact, they are doing one of their book signings at TOL! :D you can purchase it HERE!

chris and i just registered for classes for our last semester of college! OH MAN! it is CRAZY! i can hardly believe this season in our lives is coming to a close. feels good, but super scary at the same time.

just to let you all know - i am planning on creating a separate blog or website for my pictures. i have been really getting into taking pics and i have A TON to share with you all. i will still post some on this blog, but with this new site, i can post a link on this blog and you can watch a slideshow of the pics. it just allows me to upload more and better quality pictures. i will let you know when that is ready.

i hope that brings you up to date.
here are a couple of pics from our trip to KY that i promised:

the beautiful state of Kentucky

we found this cool old factory with these awesome
red doors!

we found this church that had a chapel
attached to it with this beautiful red door
(obviously, we were not lacking in red doors)

chris edited this one - love it!


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