Thursday, November 29, 2007


chris and i will be home in 2 weeks from today! i can't wait! i can't believe how much i have to do in those two weeks...but we're SO close! : )
two more weeks and i can watch all the movies i want.
drink lots of hot chocolate, sit next to the fire, and RELAX!
TWO MORE WEEKS and i will get to enjoy a beautiful
Christmas tree with lots of lights and ornaments!
TWO MORE WEEKS! : ) i'm so excited...CAN YA TELL!?!?!?!

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Paige said...

Oh my GOODNESS! 2 weeks. We can do it! Press on!!!

I'm SO ready to see you, you have no idea!

Also, when you said "I'm going to be a WIFE!" in the last entry it made me smile really big, and get really excited for when I can say that :):):):)

Love you!!
Have you seen Evie's latest pictures? Look on Brooke's blog ( SO CUTE!!