Tuesday, September 18, 2007


For those of you who don't know, i am on staff in Shatford House, an all girls freshmen dorm here at IWU. My title is RHA President - which basically means I'm the event coordinator. i also run our house meetings that we have every other week. It's so much fun being on staff with the other girls! We bonded a lot during training before school started! My roommate is Bethany, the RA of 3 East unit here in Shatford. We have lots of fun together and with our girls. : )
A couple nights after the freshmen girls were here, we had initiation where we took them outside and made them do silly things. We are the Shatford ducks, hence Sam being in a duck costume in one of the pictures. : ) At times, things are stressful with all the meetings and stuff, but I'm having so much fun! : )

Shatford Staff ready for initiation

Sam (in a duck costume) and me

Shatford and Bowman Staffs after we performed Michael
Jackson's theme song from "Free Willy."

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Brooke said...

You are going to be married before you know it!

I've been praying for you, girl. I love you lots!!!

Don't let the stress of your life get to your relationship with Chris- it's soooo hard, but you guys can do it!

I love you!!